David P. Stevens - Epiphany

David P. Stevens - Epiphany

David P. Stevens

Erscheinungstermin: 01.03.2013
Label: CD Baby.Com/Indys

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Get ready world! Enjoy the highly anticipated release "Epiphany", by internationally acclaimed jazz artist, David P Stevens! Take a musical journey through creative genre bendings, throwbacks to the 1970's, mixed with pleasant sounds of today! David, who is no stranger to celebrity appearances, welcomes this time, Gerald Albright, Elan Trotman, Carol Riddick, Gerald Veasley, Frank McComb, Nothende, Jamie Knight, Tesa Williams, and a host of other musicians and instrumentalists! Purchase this project now, and hear why so many are buzzing about the DPS experience!

  1. Shy Guy (feat. Jamie Knight)
  2. Just Like That (feat. Gerald Albright)
  3. Epiphany (feat. Carl Cox)
  4. Hello World (feat. Frank McComb & Nothende)
  5. Stay Right Here
  6. Your Embrace (feat. Carol Riddick)
  7. Overbrook Drive
  8. Play It for Me (feat. Tesa Williams)
  9. Can't Take No' More (feat. Elan Trotman)
  10. The One
  11. Walkin' (feat. Gerald Veasley)

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