Henry Threadgill - The Complete Recordings

Henry Threadgill - The Complete Recordings

Henry Threadgill
The Complete Recordings

Erscheinungstermin: 26.3.2010
Label: C.A.M., 1980-93

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THE COMPLETE REMASTERED RECORDINGS ON BLACK SAINT & SOUL NOTE is a monographic box-set collection aimed at recounting the most beautiful chapters that revolutionised the history of jazz.

This new series was launched in March 2010 with the simultaneous release of four box-sets, including albums by some of the artists who participated in the success of the outstanding labels. A philological work, beginning with the original recordings on multi-track master tapes, patiently integrally remastered paying strict attention to the sound quality.

Disk 1

  1. Eulogy for charles Clarke
  2. Portrait of Leo Smith
  3. Keep right on playing thru the mirror over the water
  4. Be ever out

Disk 2

  1. B. K.,R. B.,C. T.,J. L.
  2. Sir Simpleton
  3. Difa dance

Disk 3

  1. Roll on
  2. Tragedy on a thursday afternoon
  3. No 1
  4. Achtud el buod
  5. Don´t drink that corner my life is in the bush

Disk 4

  1. Air show
  2. Apricots on their wings
  3. Salute to the enema bandit
  4. Side step
  5. Hope a hope
  6. Unrealistic love

Disk 5

  1. Drivin you slow and crazy
  2. Bee dee aff
  3. First church of this
  4. Exacto
  5. In the ring
  6. Gateway
  7. Over the river club

Disk 6

  1. Grief
  2. Crea
  3. Song out of my trees
  4. T. B. A.
  5. Intersection

Disk 7

  1. Luap nosebor
  2. Hymn to wright reverend
  3. Paseo del mar
  4. Figwig

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