Pat Metheny - Secret Story

Pat Metheny - Secret Story

Pat Metheny
Secret Story

Erscheinungstermin: 25.9.1992
Label: Nonesuch, 1991

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The New York Times called Pat Metheny’s 1992 Grammy-winning Secret Story “the most sweepingly ambitious album that the jazz guitarist has yet recorded … a nearly 80-minute world-music suite with symphonic underpinnings.” Includes five previously unreleased tracks restored by Metheny.

Disk 1

  1. Above The Treetops
  2. Facing west
  3. Cathedral In A Suitcase
  4. Finding And Believing
  5. The Longest Su
  6. Sunlight
  7. Rain river
  8. Always And Forever
  9. See the world
  10. As A Flower Blossoms (I Running To You)
  11. Antonia
  12. The Truth Will Always Be
  13. Tell Her You Saw Me
  14. Not To Be Forgotten (Our Final Hour)

Disk 2

  1. Back in time
  2. Understanding
  3. A change in circumstance
  4. Look ahead
  5. Et Si C'était La Fin (As If It Were The End)

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