Tomasz Stanko - From The Green Hill

Tomasz Stanko - From The Green Hill

Tomasz Stanko
From The Green Hill

Erscheinungstermin: 05.10.1999
Label: ECM, 1998

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After his critical and popular success with Litania, revitalizing the music of his countryman Komeda, Poland's Stanko, possessor of perhaps the darkest trumpet sound in jazz, resurfaces here in quite a different context, with associates from everywhere. Bandeonista from Argentina, reedman from England's south coast, classical violinist from Detroit, bassist from Sweden. Only veteran Norwegian drummer Jon Christensen is retained from the Litania session, although a sense of continuity is maintained by Saulzzi, who brings a wistful regret to his interpretation of a Komeda theme. Otherwise Stanko and John Surman share composer credits as well as the special understanding that belongs only to the most lyrical improvisers.

  1. Domino
  2. Litania (Part 1)
  3. Stone Ridge
  4. ... y despues de todo
  5. Litania (Part 2)
  6. Quintet's Time
  7. Pantronic
  8. The Lark In The Dark
  9. Love Theme From Farewell To Maria
  10. ... From The Green Hill
  11. Buschka
  12. Roberto Zucco
  13. Domino (Intro)
  14. Argentyna

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