Tomasz Stanko - Litania

Tomasz Stanko - Litania

Tomasz Stanko

Erscheinungstermin: 16.09.1997
Label: ECM, 1997

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Krzysztof Komeda (1931-1969) wrote music for more than 40 films, including classics of the Polish cinema by Roman Polanski and Andrzej Wajda, and Polanski brought him to Hollywood to work on Rosemary's Baby. His soundtrack music, however, was only part of his achievement. Komeda almost singelehandedly instigated the modern jazz movement in Poland and made important contributions toward the shaping of a European aesthetic in jazz composition. Tomasz Stanko was Komeda's closest musical associate. At ECM's urging, Stanko returned to the archive to reinvestigate Komeda's work, rearranging both his intensely melodic film themes and his extended compositions for an all-star Scandinavian band.

  1. Svantetic
  2. Sleep Safe And Warm
  3. Night-time, Daytime Requiem
  4. Ballada
  5. Litania
  6. Sleep Safe And Warm
  7. Repetition
  8. Ballad for Bernt
  9. The Witch
  10. Sleep Safe And Warm

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