Eric Le Lann - I Remember Chet

Eric Le Lann - I Remember Chet

Eric Le Lann
I Remember Chet

Erscheinungstermin: 31.05.2013
Label: Bee Jaz

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Eric Le Lann, trumpet
Nelson Veras, guitar
Gildas Boclé, bass

“There was something really touching about him, such as his music, a mix between vulnerability and strength.”

Eric Le Lann

These words written by Eric Le Lann to describe Chet Baker, his friend for almost ten years, show a real admiration and respect for the legendary trumpeter with which he often collaborated during the 1980’s.

With more than a dozen albums to his credit, I remember Chet is the first collaboration between Eric Le Lann and the label BeeJazz. Fort the record of the album Eric Le Lann was surrounded by some great musicians as Gildas Boclé and Nelson Veras, that brilliant guitarist with whom he has played since 2006.

Eric Le Lann has showed a lot of eclecticism during his entire career, trying all musical styles from the “fusion” Jazz to French variety with his Edith Piaf covers, but he comes back here to the classic of jazz with a great sincerity, probably inspired by the purety and the fragility of Chet Baker’s music.

Eric Le Lann performs with this tribute to Chet Baker: I remember Chet, available on March 14th 2013, a back to the basics of Jazz and trumpet, resuming the classics of a trumpeter of genius such as "I am a fool to want you", "The more I see you" or "If i should care ".

  1. For Minors Only
  2. If I Should Care
  3. The More I See You
  4. I Am a Fool to Want You
  5. Summertime
  6. The Touch of Your Lips
  7. Milestones
  8. Zingaro
  9. Love for Sale
  10. Angel Eyes
  11. Backtime

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